My wife Mary has been in need of a Hearing Aide for many years. We have gone to other Hearing Centers and have had some negative experiences that resulted in poor fitting devices and in one case an additional injury to her ear that made her reluctant to continue on her quest to hear normally again.

We met Dr. Schepis Tzeng and our lives changed. Elena was professional and caring and so understanding of her needs. The office is beautiful and comforting and her advice and solutions worked so well that we continue to remark that our lives have changed in such a positive way. Our children and grandchildren continually remark at how nice it is to have Mom and Grammy to be part of our conversations.

My wife is a much happier person these days, able to hear birds chirp and voices in the distance and just our normal day to day interactions. While many Audiologists could have provided this service, in our experiences nobody provided us the time and knowledge and very obvious experience that Elena gave to us, Thank you Dr. Schepis Tzeng, you have made our live so much better. We highly recommend Hearing Healthcare Professionals, LLC .”