While most people focus on the physical hearing aid, finding a good audiologist to help you determine the appropriate equipment AND fit it to your personal needs is very important. Elena Schepis Tzeng, Au.d., of Hearing Healthcare Professionals is that person. I have been wearing hearing aids for 15 years and I just bought a pair of Phonak Audeos from her.

Dr. Tzeng gave me the most comprehensive hearing test I have ever had. And then, rather than just saying “These are the hearing aids to buy,” she gave me a choice and discussed the options. She did not push the most expensive brand or model. As a matter of fact, I asked about a more sophisticated model and she asked me first about my ‘lifestyle’ and then we decided the more expensive model would be appropriate for me.

Now that I have them, the Phonak Audeos are absolutely wonderful. (My previous hearing aids were almost 8 years old so the technology has advanced unbelievably.) The Marvels self-adjust to surrounding conditions and I am able to hear in many situations where I had difficulty in the past. And I no longer need to carry a “clicker” to manually change programs discretely. The clarity is unbelievable. I am so pleased. The new Marvels are also rechargeable so buying batteries is no longer necessary.

While the price of hearing aids is high, the price includes technical assistance and adjustment for 3 years. Unlike when your eye prescription changes and you need to buy new glasses, hearing aids are adjustable and can be reprogrammed to accommodate changes to your hearing until the technology wears out.

My previous audiologist is in a location that is no longer convenient for me, so stumbling upon Hearing Healthcare Professionals was really fortunate. To get the most value from your hearing aids, you need to periodically have your hearing tested and the aids adjusted accordingly. So far I am very happy with Hearing Aid Professionals and the equipment they offer.