Cochlear Implants

A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or hard of hearing in both ears.

Who is a candidate?

An audiologist will determine your candidacy based on your audiometric findings. A diagnostic hearing test will be performed as well as specialized speech testing. Here are some of the guidelines: ​

  • Individuals 9 months of age or older
  • Moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears
  • Limited benefit from amplification defined by preoperative test scores of ≤ 50% sentence recognition in the ear to be implanted and ≤60% in the opposite ear or binaurally ​ ​

At Hearing Healthcare Professionals we are proud to be a part of Cochlear America's, Cochlear Provider Network (CPN). As a CPN, Hearing Healthcare Professionals will:

  • Determine candidacy identification & evaluation
  • Educate the candidate and their family on the entire cochlear implant journey
  • Refer to a CPN surgeon dedicated to hearing implants
  • Initial activation programming
  • Follow up programming and auditory rehabilitation
  • Support and education

How does it work?

The cochlear implant bypasses the damaged portions of the inner ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve.

Signals generated by the implant are sent up the auditory nerve to the brain, which recognizes the signals as sound.

There are two parts to the Cochlear Implant, the internal portion which is composed of the electrodes and receiver, and the external portion which is called the transmitter (or processor). The internal receiver takes the coded electrical signals from the external transmitter and delivers them to the array of electrodes that have been surgically inserted in the cochlea.

What does it look like?

Cochlear currently has 3 different processors to choose from, each with their own unique differences.


True Wireless Freedom

The Nucleus 7 Sound Processors allow you connect to a range of accessories that can extend your hearing experience, improve your ability to hear and help you enjoy your hearing every day. Cochlear True Wireless accessories let you watch TV without disturbing others, help you hear speech in noisy or crowded environments and can connect you to all types of electronic devices. The direct-to-device connections between each accessory and your sound processor have one thing in common – they are wireless!

Mini Microphone 2 and Mini Microphone 2+

Hear more clearly no matter where you are, like in a busy restaurant, lecture hall, classroom or boardroom.

Phone Clip

Using Bluetooth®-enabled technology, the Phone Clip gives you a hands-free connection to family and friends.

TV Streamer

The TV Streamer gives you stereo-quality sound transmitted directly into your sound processor so you can enjoy your favorite TV shows with family and friends. You no longer need to turn the volume up to uncomfortable levels for others in the room.

Made for iPhone

The Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor is the world’s first and only Made for iPhone cochlear implant sound processor. With the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, you can control your hearing and conveniently connect to the people you love by streaming phone calls, music and videos directly from your smartphone!

If you use an Android™ device or any other smartphone, you can stream phone calls, music and more directly to your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor by using the True Wireless™ Phone Clip.

You can also take control of your hearing from the palm of your hand with the Nucleus® Smart App that allows you to: ​

  • Adjust settings and change programs
  • Access personalized hearing information with the Hearing Tracker
  • Monitor battery life
  • Locate a missing sound processor
If you're an adult with moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears, and are not receiving enough benefit from hearing aids, you may be a candidate for a cochlear implant. Please contact us for an evaluation or to learn more.

To learn more about cochlear implants, please visit the official Cochlear America website.

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Quick Self Test

Would you be better off with a cochlear implant? Visit Cochlear's Online Hearing Aid Check screening tool to compare your performance with hearing aids to people with a cochlear implant. The Hearing Aid Check was developed through a proven clinical study by the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL). It's designed as a self-administered online screening tool that takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.


To find out if you're a Baha candidate, or would like to learn more, please contact us for a hearing evaluation and consultation. We're here to help you determine your best treatment options.

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